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We can help you reach your financial life goals.

We offer financial strategies tailored to your specific needs and wishes, backed by decades of experience: planning, tax and investment expertise you can trust.

Our process

The HPM Way

Every journey starts at the beginning. For us, the beginning of the client experience is usually our financial planning process. With your plan as our guide, we can assist you in living your best financial life. We’ve been at it for a long time and know how important a fiduciary relationship grounded in transparency is. You can count on that from us. It’s the HPM Way.

Our Services include:

Investment Management

Financial Planning

We believe financial decisions, especially the big ones, are best made within the framework of a well-conceived financial plan.

Risk Management

We help our clients work through life’s risks and settle on the right strategy based on their own proclivities. Once a strategy is developed, implementation can begin.

Financial Planning

Investment Management

A client’s goals and the financial plan to achieve those goals should drive the investment strategy recommendations and the advice process should reflect that relationship.

About HPM

Why Choose Us

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with money worries? “Could my money be working harder for me? What can I do now to secure my future? Will my family be ok?” Our goal is to make your wealth journey less stressful so you can spend more time enjoying the better things in life.

PODCAST: Listen in on conversations with Certified Financial Planners Archie and Rob Hoxton as they share weekly wisdom to help you retire and stay retired. Have you ever wondered what it will feel like when you get your last paycheck? Whether it’s excitement, anxiety, or anything in between, this show is for you.

a book by Rob Hoxton and Julia Connell

Would you rather live rich or die rich? Is it even possible to live rich on the resources available to you? What is your own personal definition of living richly? Have you ever thought about the factors that drive your money decisions? Where do you fall on a continuum of money attitudes? Do you make decisions based primarily on fear and uncertainty about the future? Or do you believe in spending whatever money you have now, indulging your whims for a new car or a luxury vacation, without focusing on future needs? Have you ever made a money mistake that undercut or sabotaged your budget or your future plans? More than ever, because of the increasing complexity of our fast-changing financial world, these are questions we all need to answer.

Despite–and to some extent, because of–the proliferation of electronic systems such as retirement calculators and robo advisers, we believe that it is more important than ever to:

  • Have a carefully thought-out and tested financial plan, based on your personal values and priorities, that can guide you throughout the decades; and
  • Craft, monitor, and adjust the plan to keep you on track as your life experiences and goals change.